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Media Alert: Camp Kangaroo for Children

What: Camp Kangaroo, a free three-day camp for 50 children age 5 to 13 who have lost a close loved one within the past two years. This is the second year of the camp.

Who: Seasons Hospice Foundation, which provides legacy, wish fulfillment and grief support for those who have lost a loved one.

Where: University of Illinois at Chicago Recreation Center, 737 South Halsted Street, Chicago

When: You are invited to attend the final day of camp on Sunday, July 28, anytime between 2 pm and 4 pm.  Graduation ceremonies that climax the camp start at approximately 3 pm.

Access: All the campers have signed photo/video/media releases and all of our staff members are available to comment as well.

Why: A team including a physician, nurse, social workers, Board Certified Music Therapists and others volunteer their time to provide three days of activities developed to advance healing. At the camp, kids may immediately realize they are not alone and not under pressure to act differently than how they feel. Although there may be no quick fix for grieving, embracing life effectively is the foremost goal of Camp Kangaroo.  

Contact: Gregory Alford, National Director of Public Relations, 847.825.5388.